Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CommeCi, CommeCa special BPitch Control @ .HBC

More about... We Love

we love are giorgia angiuli, (a.k.a metùo), music performer, collector of fragrances and piero fragola (a.k.a. werk design), graphic designer and videoartist. the project started on a cold winter sunday in 2009.

on returning from their holidays, they randomly met young music producer and remixer marco palazzo (a.k.a. keith) in a railway station; a collaborative project with him soon began, resulting in their first and homonymous album on bpitch control. it is again in a railway station that they created their first composition “escape destination”, followed by another 9, all connected to one another by the unifying theme of visions and travel (“when the window of a train takes you somewhere.” - we love.)

the band’s acoustic and electronic instruments charm with their bichromatic, black and white allure: a vintage heart-shaped guitar, a contemporary design self-made midi controller (which was sponsored by italian i&s furniture and fashion design company), a drum machine, and two keyboards, complementing piero and giorgia’s voices. their objective is to explore the relationships between various forms of aesthetic expression, such as sound, visual art, fashion and design.

we love are not “just another electro band”: their consistent collaboration with professional artists (amongst whom are david campanini, diana ferri, jamaica de marco and elliott james shaw) has produced original performance pieces. the band’s bichromatic video art provides the backdrop for the amazing pair of “soldiers of love”’s live sets, which are embellished by romantic and evocative contemporary style clothes and masks. art visuals caress the stage set with luminous random movements, as in a stream of consciousness gushing out of everyday life. actions rapidly take place one after the other, and one often feels overwhelmed by countless fleeting external stimuli as blank sheets of paper vanishing into nothingness.

in an innermost dimension of vision, there is always something which prevents us from being transparent: love.

we love (bpitch control) promo from we love on Vimeo.

More about... Aerea Negrot

Aérea Negrot is a complex and colourful artistic soul who has found her distinctive voice in the expression of music. The word Aerea itself is an adjective relating to sky and air, things that travel by airmail, suitcases, airlines, winged being. The act of Singing for Aérea evolved out of a survival mechanism while in the streets of Amsterdam; a result of being put out, paradoxically, by a flight attendant lover.
Aérea was born in La Guaira on the Venezuelan coast, a city with the most important airport in Venezuela. As a child, her Grandfather would take her to the airport every Sunday to watch the planes take flight.
Aérea’s nomadic roots have brought her to Berlin, where she now resides. In the production of her music Aerea continues in her search to find self.In addition to music, this performance includes multimedia material created by the artist Rafael Scovino, who creates most videos for Aérea.
Since 2008, Aérea Negrot forms part of the band Hercules and Love Affair, for their new CD, which will be launched at the beginning of 2010. At the same time, Aerea Negrot..s track “All I wanna do” will be released by the record Label Bpitch Control.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Listen to... Dance Disorder's podcast

Download DANCE DISORDER'S Tsugi podcast here ::

More about... Dance Disorder

Dance Disorder is the new project from Georgina Fernandez aka Baby G, for this new adventure she is featuring the studio talents of Robin Crafood.
Georgina is already a "disco" veteran with releases as L.S.B. with Pete Herbert and also runs the highly successful re-edit label "Superdiscoteca", so when Georgina was looking to start her new project she turned to her good friend Robin who is already an established recording artist as "Trulz & Robin".
Having already notched up a hit with "My Time" on Eskimo Recordings, they are ready to release a new single on Bpitch Control!!

<a href="">Dance Disorder - My Time by audioFAMILIES</a>

Dance Disorder's Bpitch debut "zusammen" is a 10-minute marvel of epic breath, and yet remains admirably unpretentious, falling neatly into the mould of the best minimal-ethereal techno classics of the early 90s. the vocals are contributed by berlin ostgut resident dj boris.

<a href="">Dance Disorder - Zusammen by audioFAMILIES</a>

Thursday, April 1, 2010

More about... DJ Kaos

DJ Kaos is an integral part of the Berlin underground scene, producing a variety of twisted dance music for a number of years now. His first single was a collaboration with Ash Ra Temple’s Manuel Goettsching (of E2-E4 fame.) The 12", made in 1991 when Kaos was part of downtempo scene leaders Terranova, was called "Toyko Tower" He's performed all over the Globe, from Europe, Japan to the US. He has released original music on such seminal dance labels as Eskimo, Clone, Playhouse, as well as early singles for Rong Music and now Rong/DFA. His remixes have proven in demand, remixing everyone from !!! (Chk Chk Chk) to Roxy Music to the New Young Pony Club. Kaos is a part of the exclusive K7 Records DJ Kicks mix series with his eclectic mix released in 1995, as well as his full-length solo LP released on K7 in 2005 featuring such vocal talents as Erlend Øye (Kings of Convenience), Matt Safer (the Rapture) and Cpt. Comatose. He also participated in the Faith Records "Collectors Series" with a mix CD entitled "Danse, Gravite Zero" created with Sal Principiato of the legendary NYC group Liquid Liquid.